Who We Are

The Perenchio Foundation is a private foundation established by the late A. Jerrold “Jerry” Perenchio. Our founder was driven by a love for Los Angeles and the arts. The Foundation’s work is guided by Mr. Perenchio’s commitment to create a positive, lasting impact in the region through the arts with a focus on quality, accessibility, and permanence.


What We Do
The Perenchio Foundation believes that arts play an essential role in creating more equitable, culturally vibrant, and inclusive communities. We support arts organizations in creating impactful experiences for current and future generations.


What We Hope To Achieve
The Perenchio Foundation is deeply rooted in Los Angeles—the creative capital of the world and a destination for people from all walks of life to explore our region’s arts offerings. The arts enrich our lives, create spaces for community experiences, and drive our economy. We foster the transformative power of the arts in our communities and provide resources to strengthen the capacity of visual and performing arts organizations. We do this because supporting arts organizations increases the well-being in our region.


Quality Art uplifts the quality of everyone’s life by allowing us to see new perspectives.
Our purpose is to engage and support a mosaic of creative voices and art practices throughout Los Angeles County in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

Accessibility – Art is for everyone.
We strive to improve equity in the arts by focusing on supporting organizations that provide access to the arts for all communities.

Permanence – Art contributes to the well-being of current and future generations.
We seek to support arts organizations to strengthen their capacity and enhance their ability to have a long-term impact.

Our Approach

We engage with and listen to the needs of arts organizations to understand how we can support them in their work of creating and connecting people to the arts, especially for communities that have been historically underfunded and underserved.

Foundation Staff

Stephania Ramirez

Executive Director

Daniel (Yong Hwa) Chae

Operations Manager

Betty Avila

Program Officer

Rachel Wiegardt-Egel

Grants Associate

Rachel Dahan

Grants & Operations Coordinator


Stay Connected


Perenchio Foundation: 21 Miller Alley Suite 210, Pasadena, CA 91103