What We Fund

The Perenchio Foundation provides support to visual and performing arts organizations in Los Angeles to strengthen their infrastructure and expand their ability to serve communities and create impactful experiences for current and future generations.

The Perenchio Foundation is pleased to offer funding support in two main categories:

Operating Support

We understand that long-term operating support allows organizations to better plan for the future, pay livable wages, and cover emergency operating costs, among other benefits. We intend this multi-year unrestricted support to bolster operational resilience for grantees.

We invite you to visit our Multi-Year Operating Support Grants page for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Capital Improvements

We know that funding for organizations to replace equipment, upgrade technology, or make small building renovations is difficult to obtain. Our small capital improvement grants are meant to cover these kinds of costs, allowing arts organizations to spend their valuable resources elsewhere.

Additional details to be considered for support will be shared at a later time.

Additional Information

The Perenchio Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Funding opportunities beyond the two grants listed above are by invitation only.

Our priority is to address large-scale community needs in the arts and culture sector. We do not fund: capital campaigns; event sponsorships; individuals; summer camps, festivals, and fairs; political campaigns; and/or lobbying efforts.


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